Vermont’s Solar Hot Water Systems Design & Installation Experts

Tapping into the sun for your hot water needs is elemental. With the right solar hot water system, the sun’s abundant energy is the most practical, cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to your hot water needs.

Excel Plumbing and Heating has long been on the leading edge of this revolutionary technology in Vermont. Our vast experience and applied knowledge can design, build and install a solar hot system for your home or business that is efficient, affordable and ahead of the curve.

Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly, Maintenance Free

We service and install complete solar hot water and solar thermal systems by industry leaders Buderus and Bosch. These systems comprise the most innovative technology and pioneering developments in the renewable energy industry, particularly suited for the seasonal climate of New England, and with the benefit of significantly reduced CO2 emissions and Smart Technology.

Excel Plumbing and Heating’s design/build team can develop and install a top-of-the- line system of any size or capacity that will outperform and cost less than your conventional system, backed by our unsurpassed commitment to superior customer service.

Renewable energy is the new standard!

Solar hot water and solar thermal heat systems are environmentally friendly and can now be installed on your rooftop, or blended into the surrounding landscape, tastefully designed to complement any residence or business.

More than 1.5 million homes and businesses in the United States have invested in solar heating systems, and that number is growing everyday. We carry a full line of solar hot water and solar heat systems to meet any project requirements and we have the skills, experience, and expertise to get your job done right.

Get in touch today and let Excel Plumbing and Heating help you harness the power of the sun!

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