Heat & Energy Recovery Ventilation Equipment

Did you know that you could dramatically reduce your energy consumption year round with the installation of one simple system?

Improve Indoor Air Quality and Reduce Energy Consumption

Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems (HRVs) precondition air from the outside, so it takes LESS ENERGY to heat or cool that air to the desired temperature.

The system achieves this by transferring the energy in the existing indoor air to the incoming outdoor air through a simple heat exchanger, recovering up to 80% of the latent energy in the air and venting dangerous contaminants and allergens that can get trapped in your Vermont home.

Eco-Friendly, Energy Efficient Solutions

Heat Recovery Ventilations systems (HRVs) have been highly recommended for our regional climate in New England for years, but have yet to become standard equipment. Your Vermont home or office could be blowing energy and money right out the window for absolutely no reason!

During Vermont winters, an HRV will preheat the cool incoming air before sending it to your heating system; while in the summer, it will pull over 70% of the humidity and heat out of the air before it reaches your air conditioner. In both cases, this simple system significantly lowers the amount of energy it takes to cool or heat your Vermont home, saving you an astonishing amount of money and energy.

Excel Plumbing and Heating can outfit your Vermont home or office with the most advanced ventilation systems on the market. We install and service a wide variety of the industry’s most respected and innovative brands, including:

  • Venmar
  • RenewAire
  • LifeBreath
  • Fantech
  • Panasonic & more!

Take A Deep Breath!

Contact Excel Plumbing and Heating today, so your family can breathe easier knowing your air is cleaner and fresher while you’re saving energy and money.

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