Fire Sprinkler Systems Design & Installation

Your Vermont home or business is already equipped with virtually everything you need to mitigate the devastation of fire, save one thing…

Excel Plumbing and Heating can help integrate your existing plumbing system into a trusted fire suppression system that will provide you with unmatched security and safety when you need it most. By multi-purposing and optimizing your existing plumbing or water system with Uponor’s AQUASAFE® Fire Safety Sprinkler technology, every room of your home, office, or business can be protected.

Why Install a Fire Sprinkler System?

Value That Protects You and Your Vermont Property

New construction standards nationwide are beginning to require fully integrated fire suppression systems installed throughout any building. Excel Plumbing and Heating can design and install complete new water systems that include this crucial fire safety equipment or retrofit existing systems to meet all fire safety standards and regulations, and provide unsurpassed security.

A comprehensive fire sprinkler system is an investment that pays for itself in peace of mind.

Excel Plumbing and Heating values the people and property that we serve. We know it is much easier to prevent a fire, than to recover from one. With Uponor’s AQUASAFE® System expertly integrated into your potable cold-water plumbing by our Excel Plumbing and Heating fire suppression system installation specialists, you can rest assured the things you value most are safer and more secure.

Professional Installation & Service

Excel Plumbing and Heating provides a full team of experts to handle your account, from customizing a system to fit your needs to providing quality service that you can count on. We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us today to get started.

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